Designs done for a wide array of private label companies from 2004-2012.

'Bossa Nova' pattern for Nachtmann Crystal
Love Knots stemware for Vera Wang
Love Knots Vase for Vera Wang
Monique L'Huillier Sunday Rose satin finish crystal bowl
Vera Wang Sequin Stemware
Duchesse pattern for Vera Wang
Blanc sur Blanc pattern for Vera Wang
Knightsbridge pattern for Wedgwood
Knightsbridge (previously Acanthus) for Wedgwood
Rainfall Bowl for Marquis by Waterford
'Value Vase' for Waterford Marquis
'Amorphous' for Nachtmann
Optic Glass Heart series for Vera Wang, not produced
Value Vase options
Value Vase options 2
Japanese Tea Garden Buddha for Gump's
'Domus' for Rosenthal
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